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The anniversary of the death of Imbert de Batarnay

The 500th anniversary of the death of Imbert de Batarnay.

Today May 12, 2023 is the anniversary of the death of an illustrious owner of the Château de Bridoré : The 500 years of the death of Imbert de Batarnay.

Imbert de batarnay

The dolphin Louis XI great hunter saw a 17-year-old young man hunting a falcon with great skill. This meeting will decide the future of Imbert de Batarnay (1438 - 1523):

Imbert de Batarnay, Count of Fezensac, Baron of Bouchage and Authun, Lord of Montrésor, of Moulins en Berry, Ambassador to Spain and King's Chamberlain Louis XI buys Bridoré at the end 100 Years War.

He will be a counselor to kings Louis XI, Charles VIII, Louis XII and Francois Ier .

He bought the seigneury of Bridoré in 1475 from Louis Le Meingre.

He raises the keep which thus reaches thirty meters and covers it with a frame with watchtowers. He had the barnyard built.

bridore castle

In 1463, he married Georgette de Monchenu in the presence of King Louis XI. From this union is born Jeanne who marries Jean de Poitiers, their daughter Diane de Poitiers will become the favorite of Henri II.

King Louis XII and Queen Anne of Brittany had a daughter in 1499, Princess Claude of France, who was entrusted to the governance of Georgette de Batarnay.

Charles VIII sends him as an embassy in Milan, Germany, Spain, and will become governor of the daughters of François 1er.

Charles VIII stays at Bridoré in 1489 and François 1er stays for a few days in 1521.

Imbert de Batarnay owner of a huge forture enlarges the Château de Bridoré which became one of the most important fortresses in the region. He lends money to Francois 1er.

He served 4 kings and was chamberlain to Louis XI, Charles VIII, Louis XII and François 1er.

His son François de Batarnay, maternal uncle of Diane de Poitiers and husband of Françoise de Maillé the Young Lady of Rillé, is the father of René de Batarnay (1513-1580).

The grandson of'Imbert de Batarnay, René de Batarnay, Count of Bouchage, Baron of Authun, Lord of Bridoré, of Montrésor, Governor of Mont Saint Michel married Isabeau of Savoy in 1530.

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Happy Birthday Imbert!

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