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A resounding success during the 2nd edition!

The 2nd edition of the Grandes Joutes at the Château de Bridoré was a resounding success, attracting a large and varied audience. This unique event combining history, culture and entertainment has captivated visitors and is now positioned as a must in the field of cultural events.

The Grandes Joutes transport spectators to the medieval universe of the Château de Bridoré, thanks to meticulous historical reconstructions. Fights, dances and costumes recreated an authentic atmosphere, offering a total immersion in the past.

This edition offered a diversified program. Activities suitable for the whole family, shows and entertainment added a festive dimension to the event.

The effective promotion of the Grandes Joutes on social networks, local media and partnerships attracted the attention of the public. The media coverage was significant, reinforcing the notoriety of the Château de Bridoré and of this unique event.

This event asserts itself as an unmissable event, contributing to the enhancement of the heritage and the reputation of the Château de Bridoré.

Come and visit the Château de Bridoré.

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