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Les Grandes Joutes c'est demain !

Discover the Great Jousts at Château de Bridoré this Weekend!

Dear heritage enthusiasts and fans of exceptional events,

This weekend, Château de Bridoré is gearing up to host a remarkable event: The Great Jousts!

This spectacular event promises to be an unforgettable experience, combining tradition, entertainment, and history at the heart of our magnificent medieval fortress.

Reviving Renaissance Tradition at Château de Bridoré

The Great Jousts celebrate the medieval tradition of equestrian tournaments and jousting.

For two days, visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of the Renaissance and witness spectacular equestrian demonstrations, sword fights, medieval dances, and much more.

Découvrez l'événement incontournable des Grandes Joutes au Château de Bridoré ce weekend. Spectacles équestres, combats à l'épée et animations médiévales vous attendent !

Promising Press Coverage

The "Great Jousts" event has already attracted the attention of local media. A press release on La Renaissance Lochoise website highlights the scale and significance of this event for our region.

We are proud to see our initiative garner such interest and recognition.

Pierre-Alexandre Mouveau invité à la matinale pour parler des grandes joutes 2024 sur France 3 et France Bleu

Invitation to TV and Radio

Wa are also delighted to share with you an exciting piece of news: Pierre-Alexandre Mouveau, owner of the Chateau de Bridoré has been invited by Nicolas Bedin on France 3 Région and France Bleue radio to discuss the Great Jousts.

This opportunity to share our passion for history and medieval culture with a wider audience is one that we welcome with enthusiasm.

Join Us for a Weekend of Medieval Magic

I invite you all to join us this weekend for an event that promises to be both captivating and entertaining. The Great Jousts at Château de Bridoré are the perfect opportunity to discover the history and magic of the Renaissance in an enchanting setting.

We look forward to welcoming you and sharing this unique experience with you as we immerse ourselves in the medieval festivities at our castle.

Grandes Joutes - Château de Bridoré

Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th of june, 2024

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