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The Great Jousts of the Château de Bridoré | You said culture - RCF Radio

Presented by Huguet du Lorin Elric, Pierre-Alexandre Mouveau, owner of the Château de Bridoré, near from Loches in Touraine, was in the new episode of RCF Radio You said culture.

Pierre-Alexandre Mouveau
source: RCF Radio

The owner of Château de Bridoré makes us relive the captivating history of this remarkable site, equipped with a defense system unique in France . Witness to a rich past, the Château reveals its secrets and invites you to immerse yourself in the medieval world. With this in mind, he passionately organizes the Great Jousts 2023, a breathtaking event where fights mingle chivalrous, fiery spectacles and intense emotions.

Dive into this extraordinary adventure and let yourself be transported into the bewitching world of the Château de Bridoré during the Great Jousts 2023 2nd Edition, an unforgettable experience not to be missed.

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to know all the details of this appointment not to be missed.

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