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Medieval battles at Bridoré Castle - ITV France Bleu Touraine

This morning Pierre-Alexandre Mouveau, "happy" owner of Château de Bridoré, near Loches in Touraine, took part in the program "L'air du temps" on France Bleu Touraine.

The opportunity for the owner of the Château de Bridoré to come back to the organization of the event "Les Grandes Joutes" dedicated to medieval battles, which will take place on June 18 and 19 at the Château.

He notably evokes the origin of the medieval games in France, the program of the 2 days of festivities at the Château de Bridoré and the many partners who contributed to the organization of the event.

Watch the replay of the France Bleu program now

to know all the details of this meeting not to be missed.

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